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C_HANATEC_11  :  SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP HANA (Edition 2016)

C_HANATEC_11  :  SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP HANA (Edition 2016)
Vendor: SAP
Associated Certification: SAP HANA
Exam Code: C_HANATEC_11
Exam Name : SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP HANA (Edition 2016)
Last Updated: 2017-08-15
Format: .PDF
$ 78

Questions & Answers: 551
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Below are 10 DEMO Q&A for C_HANATEC_11, full 551Q&A .PDF dump downloadabale after your successful payment

Question No. 1
For which activities do you use the diagnosis mode of the SAP HANa studio?

Note: There are 2 correct answers

A) To change the configuration files when the system is down

B) To analyse problems during database startup

C) To view memory usage during database startup

D) To view diagnosis files when the system is down

Question No. 2:
You want to analyse the root cause of a query that is performing poorly.

What doe SAP recommend that you use in the SAP HANA studio?

A) The Database trace

B) The expensive statement trace

C) The Visualize plan functionality

D) The prepare statement functionality

Question No. 3
What can you do in both the SAP HANA studio and the DBA Cockpit?

Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.

A) View the tables in the _SYS-STATISTICS schema.

B) Recover a system

C) Monitor an SQLDBC trace

D) Display the status of database resources

E) Implement backup scheduling

Question No. 4
You have to load data in real time from external systems into SAP HANA.

Which Data Provisioning tools can you use?

There are 3 correct answers to this question.

A) SAP LT Replication Server (SLT)

B) Smart Data Access (SDA)

C) SAP Replication Server (SRS)

D) SAP Data Services (SDS)

E) Smart Data Integration (SDI)

Question No. 5
Your customer is performing a full data backup every week and a delta backup daily. You need to implement the shortest recovery method for an SAP HANA database.

Which recovery order is the fastest?

Please choose the correct answer.

A) 1. Full data backup

   2. Log backup

   3. Incremental backup

B) 1. Full data backup

   2. Incremental backup

   3. Log backup   

C) 1. Full data backup

    2. Differential backup

    3. Log backup   

D) 1. Full data backup

   2. Log backup

   3. Differential backup

Question No. 6
What is the correct hierarchy of the SAP HANA component model?

Please choose the correct answer.

A) Product -> Package -> Delivery Unit -> Object

B) Package -> Product -> Delivery Unit -> Object

C) Delivery Unit -> Product -> Package -> Object

D) Product -> Delivery Unit -> Package -> Object

Question No. 7
You are setting up a disaster recovery system using system replication. You want the transaction processing of the primary system to be suspended if the network to the secondary system fails.

What log replication mode must you use?   

Please choose the correct answer.

A) async

B) syncmem

C) sync

D) full sync  

Question No. 8
You are planning a batch installation for a scale-out system.

Which settings do you need to make in the configuration file?

There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A) The instances on all hosts must use an identical instance number.

B) The user ID of the <sid>adm user must be identical on all hosts.

C) The max_mem parameter must be specified for the sum of all hosts

D) The hostname specified must be identical on all hosts.

Question No. 9
Which of the following tools can you use to create and manage SAP HANA database users?

There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A) SAP Solution Manager

B) SAP Identity Management


D) Microsoft Active Directory

Question No. 10
What privileges can you manage with the SAP HANA Live authorization assistant?

There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A) Analytical

B) Application

C) System

D) Object

Question No. 11
You plan to migrate a non-SAP database to SAP HANA using the Database Migration Option of the Software Update Manager SP16.

Which URL should you use?

Please choose the correct answer.

A) http://<host>:<port>/lmsl/sumabap/<SID>/doc/sluigui

B) http://<host>:<port>/lmsl/HDBLCM/<SID>/index.html

C) http://<host>:<port>/lmsl/upgrade/<SID>/doc/gui

D) http://<host>:<port>/lmsl/sumabap/<SID>/doc/gui

Question No. 12
You are using SAP Solution Manager to troubleshoot your SAP HANA database.

What can you analyze?

There are 3 correct answers to this question.

A) Memory usage

B) Linux system logs

C) Locked users

D) Alert status

E) Services availability

Question No. 13
Which role do you need to have assigned to configure the kernel profiler?

Please choose the correct answer.



C) sap.hana.xs.lm.roles::Administrator

D) sap.hana.admin.roles::Monitoring

Question No. 14
Your customer has security restrictions which prohibit direct SQL connections from you pc to the productive SAP HANA system

Which tool do you use to monitor the system alerts of the SAP HANA database from you PC?

Note : There are 2 correct answers

A) DBA Cockpit

B) SAP HANA cockpit

C) SAP HANA studio

D) HDBSQL command line tool

Question No. 15
Which services must be configures and running on the SAP HANA server to monitor the SAP HANA instance in SAP solution Manager?

Note: There are 2 correct answers

A) SMD Agent

B) Backup Agent

C) Host Agent

D) SDI Agent


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